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Tilt and Spin
If the numbers are not impressive, claim victory anyway!
Early Retirement
Many would like to see the Ed Secretary follow the War Secretary into early retirement having failed so many schools and so many chlidren.
The New Science
The Administration has invented a new science - The Science of Wishful Thinking.
The President announces NCLB/Helter-Skelter a success despite flat scores on NAEP tests and a scandal at Reading First.
Tortured Semantics
The Administration and its friends in Congress have voted to approve the use of torture. A sad day for civilization and a sad day for America.
Pure as Snow
The Ed Secretary claims NCLB/Helter-Skelter is nearly as pure as Ivory Snow. Not counting two million minority children? No state reaching goals for qualified teachers? Report from Inspector claiming mismanagement of Reading First.
Free-Dumb Bush Style
Top down mandates and heavy-handed policies violate basic principles of freedom and justice while the administration repeats the word "freedom" like a mantra.
Many Children Left Behind
The nose grows longer and longer in the tradition of Pinocchio.
No Friend Left Behind
The tragic hunting accident in Texas is symbolic of bungling which extends from schools, to hurricanes, to mine safety, to the reconstruction of Iraq and to the reconstruction of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.
No Surplus Left Behind
The Bush budget calls for cuts in education while funding tax cuts for the wealthy, the endless occupation of Iraq and the irresponsible expansion of red ink deficits.
Bill of Rights?
Much like King George III of Britain whose rule led to the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, this King George shows little respect for the rule of law, the sanctity of the home or the principles of freedom.
Crib Death
NCLB is likely to meet an early death now that it is failing.
Those People
Asked about the failure of the nation's largest cities to show gains on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the Ed Secretary slipped into some patronizing language about "others from these minority groups" that was ironic given her fondness for accusing others of bigotry.
Failing AYP
Recent NAEP results are so flat that the Administration and Congress have failed to make AYP. Time to hold them accountable for reckless experimentation!
Disaster Relief?
When folks wake up and find the NCLB flood waters rising and drowning all that is good about schools, where will they turn for relief? WEMA?
The Secretary of Education held firm to her rigid course, insisting that all schools meet AYP no matter how many refugees they allow to enter their doors.
Red Herring?
Quick to attack and insult those who stand up to her right wing agendas, the Ed Tsar accused Connecticut of a red herring when it lodged a lawsuit against the Feds.
The Empress Has No Dress
We have unqualified, untrained people giving advice to those who know better. It is bad advice driven by politics and ideology rather than educational savvy.
Throwing the Bones
Faced with a revolt against the absurdly inflexible rules and regulations invented to accompany NCLB/Helter-Skelter, the new Ed Secretary has been smiling and throwing bones but making no changes worth writing home about.
The Two Faces of ED
The new ED Secretary speaks nicely upon occasion but she brandishes a big verbal hammer when states challenge NCLB.
Educational Steroids
Some leaders may have stooped to cheating and cooking the books in order to win cash rewards and look good on Texas measures of performance.
Monkey Business
Should school districts tell teachers what political sites they may read?
Embed with the Ed
How much does it cost to buy good press?
The New, Kinder and Gentler Secretary of Ed
Will she speak softly but carry a big stick?
Excuses, Excuses,
When charter schools fared poorly on the NAEP tests, proponents were quick to make excuses they once ridiculed.
the NCLB Dogs
Fear, punishment and intimidation are fundamentally un-American strategies to bring about change.
Head in the Sand
When news mounts that NCLB or other policies are stumbling and failing, the administration plows ahead, ignoring the signs, the signals, the warnings and the news.
with Teacher Terrorists
The Secretary's calling the NEA a terrorist organization sends out a chilling message.
Don't think too hard! Heavily scripted, federally approved reading programs are often light on thinking and comprehension, condemning poor children to a future of low skilled and low paid jobs.
No Cow Left Behind Downer cow goes to market. Why was the Bush administration so slow to regulate the meat packing industry?
Flipping Burgers and Students One way to improve test scores is to hold students back in Grade Nine for several years to miss the all important state test in Grade Ten.
The Dunce Why are public schools suddenly sent like the Dunce to the corner?
The Iraq First Policy What was promised to be a brief and inexpensive war is turning into a costly and stubborn battle with no end in sight. A quagmire.
The Whipping Post While there is no research evidence showing that failing and humiliating schools improves the performance of students, NCLB relies upon these tactics to motivate school reform.
Bait and Switch? Will switching from school to school improve the reading of moving children?
NCLB: A Bitter Pill to Swallow Unpleasant side effects and damage abound. Read the fine print!
What Miracle? Enterprising school leaders can work miracles by making sure the right students hit the streets.
When Push Comes to Shove Could we expect truthful and accurate reporting of dropout rates from leaders of school districts? Of national leaders?

What kind of miracle is this?

Failure is Good for You Even though we have no credible evidence that broad-based retention significantly improves the learning of students and even though this strategy is costly and damaging to young ones, we have leaders leaving students behind to make sure no child is left behind.
Rebuilding Iraq's Schools As the economy stumbles at home forcing school budget cuts, the President proposes rebuilding Iraq's schools.
Spin Fast for Quality Despite all the talk from Washington about quality teachers and scientific evidence as a basis for program selection, the Department of Ed just invested $ 10 million in online teacher preparation - a foolhardy, unproven, risky venture.
Duct Tape School Improvement? Maybe we can use all that surplus duct tape for something really important?
Gun Control
Gun Control? Some teachers feel caught in the middle as technology proponents push for so-called constructivist learning strategies just as state curriculum standards, state tests and NCLB press for basic skills and memorization of much curriculum content.
High Stakes
High Stakes The obsession with tests and testing seems to indicate a faith in the mere act of introducing tougher challenges without doing much about building capacity. How high can these kids jump?
No room at the school
No Room at the School? As part of NCLB, parents will transfer their children out of poorly performing schools into successful schools, even if the school district has no more room in those schools.
No computer left on
No Computer Left On? With all the focus and attention on LITERACY and NCLB, some schools have stopped searching for good ways to use all the computers they've just installed, turning instead to focus on LITERACY and then more LITERACY.
No child left
No Child Left The choice provisions of NCLB allow students to stay at home learning in virtual elementary schools paid for with public dollars. Virtual schools or virtual learning?
Musical children
Musical Children Strange things happen to a school's test scores when children are moved about. The winners today may be losers tomorrow and vice versa.
Faith-Based Schools?
Faith-Based Schools?

Short on Cash - New demands and NCLB regulations are so expensive that some schools have resorted to "a whisper and a prayer."

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