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Virtual Truth

Pinocchio, it turns out, was a mere amateur when it came to spinning tales and truth. The current administration takes pride in proclaiming victories when none exist.

FNO Press, 2006

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Many Children Left Behind

With this administration, the truth is often quite different from the claim.

NCLB/Helter-Skelter is actually robbing many children of a decent education, narrowing the agenda to focus on basic skills in a factory style of learning that is undemocratic and unhealthy.

NCLB is leaving many children behind, forcing them out of school and failing to meet their needs.

NCLB is bringing the same level of management skill to our schools that FEMA brought to hurricane relief.

After four years of grandiose claims and promises, NCLB has produced nothing noteworthy in test results on the NAEP tests (National Assessment of Educational Progress), but its proponents continue to claim progress that does not exist.