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NCLB failures? How about the poor quality of some of the alternative support services (tutoring and after school programs) as reported by the New York Times and others?

"For Children Being Left Behind, Private Tutors Face Rocky Start"
In an experiment in educational capitalism, the No Child Left Behind law has offered federal money to private companies to tutor in failing public schools.

How about those states with high standards who have been forced to consider lower standards in order to survive NCLB's ruthless punishment?

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Head in the Sand

As news grows of NCLB's failures and negative consequences, the administration plows ahead, confident, arrogant and unyielding.

Aside from a few recent minor concessions, the basic agenda advances - punish, threaten and focus on narrow goals while opening the floodgates for choice and privatization.

It's as if they're saying, "We know we are right. We have God and truth on our side. Do not confuse our minds with facts."

Alfred E. Newman is alive and well.

"What me worry?"

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