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Volume V, Number 5, May, 2007

The Last Word

By Jamie McKenzie

This publication was launched five years ago when NCLB/Helter-Skelter began to damage schools, children and teachers with its badly designed and very negative approach to school reform.

At that time, there was little public protest and almost no critical analysis. We had the classic case of naked emperors parading about as if they had great suits on. Both political parties joined at the national level in the dangerous activity of forcing a test driven approach upon schools across the land.

Outraged by the stifling, narrow curriculum and factory style learning being imposed on schools, I created this Web site and this journal to argue for NCLB's repeal or drastic amendment.

Five years later, NCLB as we have known it under the Bush administration is stumbling along toward its burial, carrying with it charges of corruption in the Reading First program as well as very disappointing results on NAEP tests. Politicians from both parties are now calling for drastic changes in the law and a relaxation of the iron-fisted approach of the Ed Department.

Because drastic amendment was the goal of this publication, this will be the last article published. The Web site will remain as a resource for those wishing to understand the failings of NCLB Version 1.0, maintaining an archive of articles and cartoons lampooning the law and its proponents.

Sadly, even as NCLB Version 1.0 gasps and stumbles toward its demise, the impact of this dangerous experiment will be felt for a decade or more as a whole generation of children shall have suffered through what amounts to an educational Dark Age.

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