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Volume V, Number 1, January, 2007

Write Congress Now

By Jamie McKenzie

As the new Congress convenes, the time is ripe to raise awareness of the damage being done to America's children and schools by the simple and wrong-minded tactics of NCLB/Helter-Skelter and the blunt weapons employed by the Bush Ed Department.

Senators and Reps of both parties may have been well intended when they voted to pass NCLB, but from the very beginning this law was deeply flawed and failed to do what its name promised. If anything, it has robbed, cheated and failed schools and children.

Those who work in schools and see the damage caused by over-emphasizing a few tests along with shame and punishment must make their voices heard now, sharing specific stories of ways NCLB is hurting rather than helping.

Parents as well as educators must trust Congress to listen to such stories and end the damage now before an entire generation must suffer through factory-style, test-driven education.

Start communicating with your Senators and Representatives to let them know you want this law changed to put more emphasis on capacity building and support rather than testing and punishment.

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